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AddressNihonseimei Kameido Building 2nd floor,
2-22-17 Kameido,
Koto-Ku, Tokyo-To,
136-0071, Japan
Tel : +81-03-5875-2610
Fax: +81-03-3636-0860

Message from the President

With our pride and passion in creating useful things,
we contribute to society as a company that is trusted by its customers.

Since its establishment in 1939, Kato Screw has been developing and producing the products flexibly by our unique processing technologies and cold-forging technologies, to our customers who are automobiles, commercial vehicles and constructional machineries production basis. In this way, Kato Screw has made significant contributions to the prosperity of industry and of general society.

Besides, we have been producing the precious secured products based on the past achievements, we will bring the trust to the future by innovating the new technologies continuously aimed for life safety guarantee.

With our experienced research team, we have been working hard for developing new fastener technologies so that we could be one of the pioneer fastener makers in Japan.

Our flexibility can cope with the ever-changing era that raises our company value, and all our staff are proud of being one of the Kato Screw members who are boldly challenge to grow to be a sustainable corporate. We will contribute to the society continuously in the future.

The President
Daigo Kato

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