• Reliance and Achievements

    and Achievements”

    Since its establishment in 1939, we have been producing the precious secured products on the basis of high quality and screws technologies aimed for life Safety guarantee.
    From a automobiles maker, to a commercial vehicles maker and construction machineries maker, we will keep going for the business forever.
    Based on the past achievements, we will bring the trust to the future by innovating the new technologies continuously.

  • Multiple Varieties

    “Multiple Varieties”

    We have around 9,000 different kinds of products, which regularly producing 4,000 to 5,000 kinds monthly. We are a well-known “Multiple Varieties Manufacturer” in the industry.
    With comprehensive functions of our machineries, the excellent integrated production system has been established.
    Furthermore, not just the mass producing products, we can also produce minor quantity even 1pc only by our well functioned production system and production line.

  • Challenge


    We have been developing the new materials with
    our material suppliers for a long time,
    we keep challenging the cold-forging for:
    “Difficult in Cold-Forging's Material Nature” and
    “Difficult in Cold-Forging's Product Shape”.

    We are one of the Cold-Forging Pioneer Manufacturers who turns the impossible into possible.

Introduction of Products

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Engine Related

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